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      Of the public

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       In order to protect the public's environmental rights and interests, improve the environmental protection work of openness and democracy, improve the public's environmental awareness, effectively restrain the illegal ACTS related to environment, listed as follows:

      Shenyang huamei transformer manufacturing co., LTD. "shenyang huamei transformer manufacturing co., LTD. Large transformer technical transformation project" to entrust the shenyang environmental science research institute for environmental impact assessment, the project is located in the northern new district of shenyang shen choi street in the north street, residential areas and farmland in the south, the east is colorful original factory, JiuLongHe in the west. Main pollution: waste water containing oil, PH, COD and total phosphorus; Coil plant total hydrocarbon; Insulation workshop dust; Production equipment noise, etc. By the construction unit according to the requirements of environmental impact assessment to take corresponding measures to

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