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      ABOUT US
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      ABOUT US

      Transformer Manufacturer. Provide Solutions For Global Customers




      As a modernized enterprise, Shenyang Huamei Transformer Co. Ltd. has the capacity of manufacturing transformers of 500kV and below, and is specializing in the production of regulatingrectifier transformers and power transformers. Chief engineer Mr. Sun Tao took part in the preparation of National Standard Converter Transformer part 1: Industrial Converter Transformer (GB/T18494.1-1-2001) and part 3: Application guide (GB/T18494.3-2012 ).We are introducing advanced technology from across the world and ensure the products of a no less than 30-year use life, with no oil leak or lift core structure. We are fully equipped with advanced manufacturing & technical equipment and testing instruments. The ex-factory products are complete with accurate and reliable testing results in terms of GB or IEC International Standard. It has established perfect enterprise management system, complete rules and regulations, rigid QA system and sound after-sale service.
      Our company is now supplying power transformers, rectifier transformers and furnace transformers etc. all over the world for power supply system, smelting, electrolysis and chemical industries, famous for its sound operation and high credibility. Implementing high market strategy and strengthening competitive edge is  our career goal. We place importance on precise design and production, persist in raising work level and do things in strict compliance with standard requirement. We guarantee the good quality of products and timely after-sale service to meet the clients’ requirement.
      We are going against all odds for more prosperity in spirit of solidarity and practicing and are honored to develop cooperation and consolidate  friendship with people in various industries to create another glory.


      亚洲 欧洲 日韩 综合AV